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Protecting Your Property

Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance provides coverage for personal property, liability coverage and living expenses depending for an insured renting a property. Coverage for this product can be available through various coverage options and the premium can be discounted depending on the security measures implemented. Renters insurance is only for the occupant of a non-owned property that is being rented, and covers any personal property or liability claims of the insured.

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Renters Insurance Benefits

  • Renters insurance includes coverage for displacement under “Additional living expenses.” If the current property becomes uninhabitable, the coverage provides one coverage to stay in a hotel or aprtment.

  • If you have liability coverage, your children can be covered for any claims associated with liability or property damage.

  • When you are traveleing, your belongings are covered up to 10% of the personal property coverage limit. This can only be honored if the coverage for the loss is not excluded on your policy. Off premises coverage is also determined by the specified insurance carrier.
  • If someone is injured at your rental space, your guests can be covered for medical bills. The average is $1k to 5k.
  • Renters Insurance covers all of the insured’s personal property. Even if the property is rented or borrowed, coverage is extended.

  • Most renters insurance policies do cover dog bites, but there are at least 10 dogs that are not covered, but coverage for aggressive breeds can be covered.